Tommy Tuberville Will Be The Next Coach At Cincinnati

By Riley Schmitt
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

College football coaching news is always wacky, so this latest mess makes some sense. It appears that Cincinnati did not take long to find their new coach – they have settled on Tommy Tuberville and the below tweet sums up my reaction to it.

I have no idea why he would jump ship to this job, but who knows?  Maybe Tubs is getting offered a lot more money and stability at the school.  I thought he was just fine at Texas Techbut maybe there was something behind the scenes that he did not want to deal with.  This move just seems really odd.

You are leaving a decent team in a stable conference, to a decent team in a mess of a conference.  The conference stability is normally what would decide this, but who knows?  Maybe he knows something about the future of Cincy that none of us do.  Then again, it is Tuberville – he might just be doing this because YOLO and everything.

I bet that you will not find a coaching move that shocks more people than this one.  It has been reported at a couple of outlets and no one has reacted without shock.  The college football talking heads on Twitter are in shock, which means casual fans are thrown for a loop.

I guess we got some intrigue on the first Saturday without college football after all.


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