Would Kliff Kingsbury Go Home To Lubbock To Coach Texas Tech?

By Amanda Staver
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Saturday, and the regular season in college football is over, but that doesn’t mean the news won’t be slow. In a very surprising move,  the head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders, Tommy Tuberville has reportedly taken the head coaching job at the Cincinnati Bearcats.

I don’t think anyone in Lubbock, or in the college football word for that matter, saw this coming. I certainly didn’t. But instead of wondering what happened, let’s look at who would be the best replacement for Tubs, who replaced Mike Leach in 2010. Tuberville had some negative publicity earlier this season when he slapped the headphones off of one of his assistants during the middle of the game and the incident was caught on TV.

The first name that comes to mind for me is the current offensive coordinator for the Texas A&M Aggies, Kliff Kingsbury. He played quarterback for the Red Raiders from 1998-2002. He has been with Aggies head coach Kevin Sumlin since his Houston Cougars days and was the 2011 offensive coordinator of the year due to the high-powered Cougar offense. In his first year with the Aggies, he has been mentoring the possible Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, and helped the Aggies to a 10-2 record in the SEC.

The Red Raiders need someone who is young, has loyalty to the program and the fans recognize and love. Kingsbury would be the perfect fit. He runs a Tech-style offense and is familiar with how things are run in Lubbock.

The Red Raiders would be crazy not to give him a call, especially with all the other jobs available at the moment and Kingsbury’s stock has done nothing but rise over the last couple of years. Do it, Kent Hance. Make the call.

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