Johnny Manziel Could Win Three Heisman Trophies

By Andy Schmidt
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The 2012 Heisman Trophy ceremony was held on Saturday night with Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel taking home the trophy as the first freshman to ever do so. That definitely did break the mold as many people thought Manziel shouldn’t win the award strictly on the fact he was a freshman. The biggest question to me now is can Manziel win another Heisman or even two more?

Manziel is going to have issues doing this since he will lose two offensive linemen from this year’s team but Manziel showed throughout the 2012 season that he is capable of doing almost anything and everything. I would not be shocked at all if Manziel wins another Heisman but I don’t think it will be next year. Manziel would have to come up with some unreal season that tops even this one for that to occur and I don’t see that happening because voters could decide that they don’t want to let the chance of three straight Heismans happen.

There is no arguing the fact that Manziel was a special player in 2012 and the fact he played in the Southeastern Conference didn’t hurt matters at all since the eyes of the media always seem to be focused on the SEC. If Manziel continues doing what he has done at Texas A&M, he will easily become a first-round NFL draft pick but until that day comes, college football fans should just sit back and enjoy seeing something special out of a very special football player in College Station.

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