Bobby Petrino Is A Great Hire For Western Kentucky

By Riley Schmitt
Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Petrino may be something of a pariah in college football, but the man can still coach. That is why Western Kentucky pulled off the coup of the coaching carousel by inking the man to a deal. This is going to work out well for both parties in the long run.

Petrino probably will not be there for very long but he is going to keep the team respectable and he might make them a very dangerous opponent.  Laugh all you want at him having to coach WKU, but this going to work out.  He needs a job to get him back in the good graces of other schools and WKU needs some national attention.  This is going to work both ways.

We spend way too much time judging the personal lives of athletes and coaches that we let it cloud our judgment of their skills.  Petrino may be a bit of a dirtbag but the man can coach.  Any team would be lucky to have him and he’s going to steal some recruits from bigger schools around him.  WKU is a very good program and there are going to get better.  You better start paying attention to them after this.

There will be some snide comments about this and there’s always the chance that Petrino flames out.  However, that seems very unlikely.  This is going to work and no one will want to play WKU.  Look out for this team in the years to come.  Petrino will have them doing some great things.

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