Local College Station Pizza Place Creates Johnny Heisman Pizzas

By Mike Atkinson
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

In the “cheesiest” move of the season, a pizza place by the name of Hungry Howie’s, in College Station, TX created the “Johnny Heisman” pizza over the weekend.

What is a Johnny Heisman pizza, you ask? Well, the pizza company decided to pay a tribute to the Texas A&M Aggies’ recent Heisman winner Johnny Manziel, better known as Johnny Football.

The pizza, pictured below, is a cheese pizza with pepperonis loaded in the shape of the Heisman trophy across the middle of the pizza.

Hungry Howie’s Pizza AggieLand

This is a brilliant idea that Hungry Howie’s has come up with. The pizzas run from $20-25, and I can only imagine how many football fans will buy these pizzas just because of the concept.  In a college town, pizzas are a necessity, and I think many students just found a new place to order theirs.

It’s true what they say. All PR is good PR. As quirky as this move is, all of America is likely to hear about these pizzas. The name is just perfect for the pizza, although now we’ll be forced to listen to jabber about Johnny Heisman for the next three years, as if Johnny Football wasn’t bad enough. Either way, it was a smart move that will make this pizza place a load of cash and give Johnny Manziel even more of the exposure he deserves.

That being said, I’m still not sure why the NCAA allows pizza places to make money off of Manziel’s success, but won’t allow Manziel to make money off of Manziel’s success. Regardless, it’s surprising more places in College Station didn’t jump at the opportunity to create products named after the local Heisman winner.

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