Is Oklahoma Sooners' Jay Norvell Headed To Louisiana Tech?

By Amanda Staver

With Sonny Dykes headed to California be the next head coach of the Cal Bears, the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs are searching for a coach. The coaching search has brought up two names associated with the same program: Oklahoma Sooners co-offensive coordinators, Josh Heupel and Jay Norvell.

According to some, Heupel has reportedly turned down the job already, but that leaves Jay Norvell. Unfortunately for Heupel, Sooner Nation seemed to be okay with his departure; Norvell’s would be a different story. The offensive play-calling since Heupel has taken over has been questionable at times, so it seems that most of the finger pointing has been pointed in his direction. I will admit that at times, I scratch my head and sit in wonderment at some the decisions being made.

Out of the two coaches, Norvell has the most experience and would probably make the better head coach at a program like the Bulldogs. Before coming to Oklahoma in 2008, he bounced around to a couple of NFL teams as a receiver coach, came back to the college game and finally landed in Norman.

Norvell’s name has come up with job openings before. Last season it was a lateral move to be Wisconsin‘s OC, but he declined, even though he was born and raised in the area. Norvell has used his experience with working and playing in the NFL as a recruiting tool for the Sooners and has done exceptionally well when it comes to getting wide receivers to come to Norman.

This is something the Bulldogs would definitely benefit from considering the type of offense they run and it’d be a major loss for the Sooners.

At this point in time, we have to wait and see what happens as the coaching carousel continues to turn and turn. Regardless, “sources” seem to be working overtime already, and bowl season hasn’t even started yet.


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