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Two Players Leave Maryland Terrapins

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

Last offseason the Maryland Terrapins had to deal with a rash of departures by football players for multiple reasons; however the biggest reason that most of them decided to leave was head coach Randy Edsall. Now that the 2012 season over, it seems to have started again as two young players have decided to leave the program, albeit for different reasons. The two departing players are running back Justus Pickett and defensive back Makinton Dorleant.

Pickett is leaving to take care of a family matter back in his hometown of Charlotte. He was the Terrapins third leading rusher this season, running for three touchdowns and 142 yards. Now, while his statistics weren’t spectacular, he was also a sophomore so there was always a chance that he could have broken out next year, but now he will have to showcase his talents someplace else.

While Pickett’s reason for leaving is out in the open, Dorleant’s is not.  The redshirt freshman tweeted on Sunday that he was now a Northern Iowa Panther. He could have any number of reasons for leaving the team, but considering what happened in College Park last offseason plenty of fans will probably speculate that it had something to do with Edsall. Dorleant wasn’t much of a contributor this season, despite the fact that he played in all 12 games; he amassed only four total tackles.

Considering how these two played last year, it doesn’t seem to be much of a loss for Edsall’s program, but they were both young players that had room for growth. Maryland can withstand this blow, but they have to hope that this is it and isn’t the start of another mass exodus.