College Football Rumors: Did Texas Tech Land Their Favorite Son?

By Riley Schmitt
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The college football rumors around this time of year are always fun. Texas Tech has been in the rumors lately because Tommy Tuberville decided to bolt for a new school in the middle of a meal with recruits. It now looks like their job search may be over, and a favorite son seems to be the guy.

There is only one man that fits that bill.  That man would be Kliff Kingsbury, who has been a very popular name around the vacant job. It appears that he has been offered the job and he has made the decision to take it. This would be kind of a shocking move, but a move that should be well received.

It appears that Kingsbury is on the fast track to coaching stardom, and going back to the school where he played would certainly help his reputation. If he was able to bring the school back to prominence, there would be people knocking down his door as they tried to hire him.

As we have learned by now, nothing is final until the ink is dry on a new contract.  However, it appears that this is closer than we could have guessed. It would be a great move for both parties, and the fan base would love this hire.  Expect big things out of this pairing for years to come.

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