College Football Rumors: Oklahoma Assistants in Line for Head Coaching Jobs

By Curt Popejoy
University of Oklahoma
Matthew Emmons-US Presswire

The coaching carousel continues and this time it appears that it’s taking a swing through Norman, Oklahoma. While this hasn’t been confirmed yet, and there are really two versions of this, multiple sources including soonerscoop are reporting that University of Oklahoma co-offensive coordinators Josh Heupel and Jay Norvell are both candidates on some level for the vacant head coaching position at Louisiana Tech.

Once I was told of this, I started doing a little digging and basically there are 2 versions of this story. One if that Heupel was the guy La. Tech was targeting, but he turned them down based on the concerns with the Louisiana Tech athletic department, and so they turned their attention to Norvell. I have also heard the exact opposite that Norvell turned them down first and they are now courting Heupel. I think both stories are plausible, but of course only one version can be true.

My take-Neither of these coaches want that sort of trouble. That whole athletic department might get nuked after their little debacle this with the bowl game. I understand that Heupel and Norvell both want to college head coaches and on the surface La. Tech is not a bad place to start. But this isn’t the time for it. Besides a little bird told me tonight that one or both of these gentlemen are on the short list for the University of Wisconsin head coaching position vacated in recent days. For my money I pass on La. Tech in hopes of that job, knowing that if I don’t get it I still have a prime assistant position at a top school. No reason to rush right now.

As more on this develops I will continue to update the situation should there be any big changes. But if you want the latest come follow me on Twitter @nfldraftboard for all of my football ramblings.

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