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Mack Brown Needs to Turn Major Applewhite Loose for the Texas Longhorns

Brendan Maloney: USA Today Photo Images

Over the last couple of seasons, the burnt orange faithful have been questioning when or if Texas Longhorns head-coach Mack Brown will retire, and those questions have grown louder and angrier over the last season as the Longhorns’ year ended again in disappointment. Though rumors seem to indicate that Brown will likely remain in Austin for at least another year, chatter has already begun as to whom will take his place when he hangs it up.

With co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin accepting a head-coaching position with the Arkansas State Red Wolves, Major has been promoted to the program’s offensive play-caller.

With the recent events transpiring on the 40 Acres involving  fans are left wondering if former Longhorn quarterback and cult hero Major Applewhite is being groomed to step into the role.

Major’s move to primary play-caller could be the best thing to happen to the Longhorns in several seasons, but if and only if Mack Brown decides to turn him loose.

Brown has done so much for the University of Texas during his tenure with the Longhorns, but one knock on him is that he appears to handcuff his coordinators, at least on the offensive side of the ball.

Over the last two seasons, the team has moved away from the spread offense which earned them a National Championship in 2005 with Vince Young and a National Championship appearance in 2010 with Colt McCoy. For whatever reason, Brown decided that the Longhorns should move to more power run offense, much like those of the SEC.

The problem? It isn’t working. However, Applewhite could be the guy to turn it all back around.

Major has a lot to offer this program. He is an amazing recruiter who almost single-handedly held the recruiting class together when then head-coach-in-waiting Will Muschamp left to become the head-coach of the Florida Gators two seasons ago. He has a personality that demands respect. He is a born leader. He is bold. He is dynamic. He is passionate. He is fiery. He bleeds burnt orange, and he is already beloved by the Longhorn Nation. One could say that Applewhite has everything it takes to one day take over the reigns at Texas.

But shouldn’t Texas set their sites on an already proven, big name coach to step in and take over for Brown when the time comes?

Perhaps, but sometimes the person you’re looking for is the one who has been there all along.

The only problem is that he isn’t quite ready, but he could be soon if given the chance.

Major could be exactly what the Longhorns need, but Mack Brown needs to give him full control of the offense; he needs to have the freedom to recruit his own players, to call his own plays, and to run his own offense.

It’s time for Mack to show some faith in Major and see what he can do.

Who knows whether or not Major is truly being groomed to one day take over at Texas or if he is even the right guy for the job, but the Longhorns will never know until he gets that chance to prove himself.

And now is the time for that to happen.