Virginia Tech is Having Trouble Selling Bowl Tickets

By Ryan McCart
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Things sometimes change, but more often than not they stay the same. Virginia Tech is once again having trouble selling tickets to their bowl game. This year, the Hokies are taking on Rutgers in the Russell Athletic Bowl, and their ticket allotment for the game is 13,500 tickets.  Athletic Director Jim Weaver announced that 3,000 of them have been sold up to this point.

This isn’t anything new for Tech as they have had trouble selling ticket allotments for years, including to their three previous BCS bowl appearances. Virginia Tech is responsible for selling 6,000 tickets and the ACC will pay for the rest if they aren’t bought and paid for. This has become an annual problem for the Hokies and it is something that is starting to reflect badly on the program.

There could be any number of reasons for this yearly problem, but there are more reasons for fans not to go to the bowl then there have been in the past. Tech has been a real disappointment this season, and their 6-6 record shows that. I doubt that fans want to spend $72 on a chance to see the Hokies complete their first losing season in 20 years. Couple that with a tough economy (add in travel and lodging charges) and you have a recipe for low ticket sales.

However, the low ticket sales from Virginia Tech’s allotment don’t mean that there will be a lot of empty seats in Orlando, as you can find tickets to the game for less than $5 dollars on StubHub. I believe that the school will sell more tickets before the December 28th matchup but they probably won’t sell their allotment (or even the number they are responsible for). The Hokies must return to their winning ways if they want to reverse this sales trend in the future.

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