College Football Rumors: The Domino Effect of Kilff Kingsbury to Texas Tech

By Curt Popejoy
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. For those who don’t remember high school Physics that’s Newton’s Third Law of Motion. And the same law applies to college football. When a domino falls, and a coach moves, there is an equal reaction at that vacant position. The latest example of this is Texas Tech hiring Lubbock hero Kliff Kingsbury as their latest head coach, leaving his post as offensive coordinator at Texas A&M.

One big question that must be asked as Kinsbury leaves is how will his absence effect the development of quarterback Johnny Manziel. Whomever the Aggies bring in must be first and foremost a quarterback friendly coach. One who can continue to coach him up, expand his passing game and continue to put him in a position to win games. For at least the next 2 seasons this team is going to go exactly as far as that talented young signal caller can take them. So finding a suitable replacement for Kingsbury.

The most logical choice and the one being tossed around is that of co-offensive coordinator of the Oklahoma Sooners, Jay Norvell. Norvell has only been the co-offensive coordinator for the past 2 seasons, but you can see the numbers that the Sooners have put up in the passing game just what an impact he has had. Another factor that would lend itself to the Aggies hiring Norvell is that he is incredibly talented at coaching up wide receivers and getting the most out of them. This would be a huge plus for Manziel who had to improvise so much this season.

Also, in terms of recruiting Norvell brings some serious clout having coached in the NFL in a Super Bowl and in college in a BCS Championship game. He’s done a very good job brining in relative unknown players and getting a lot out of them. As a Sooners fan it would pain me to lose Norvell but I can see why the Aggies would be interested.

My take-This is a promotion for Norvell to a top school in the best conference in college football. There had been rumors that Norvell was up for the head coaching position at La. Tech but wasn’t interested and may still be considered for the Wisconsin job, but I think this is more in his wheelhouse at this point in his career. No doubt it would set the Sooners back some, but for the long term plans the Aggies have, a guy like Norvell would make perfect sense. If I am Norvell and Wisconsin isn’t really serious about him, I jump at this chance.

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