Georgia QB Aaron Murray Losing Sleep Over SEC Championship Game Loss

By David LaRose
Dale Zanine- USA TODAY Sports

There’s a lot of things that go bump in the night, but for Georgia QB Aaron Murray there is just one thing that keeps him from getting a good night’s sleep.

For Murray and the Bulldogs it all came down to one play that decided the SEC Championship game against Alabama and unfortunately for the Dawgs, they came up a bit short.

Murray still can’t seem to get over the one play and the resulting loss that separated him and his team from upsetting the Tide and securing a spot in the BCS National Championship game.

“I literally replay the entire game pretty much every night before I go to bed. It’s stressful. It’s a game that will probably haunt me the rest of my life, honestly.”

Murray and the Bulldogs marched down the field with a little over a minute remaining, down by four and found themselves within striking distance at the Alabama 11-yard line after a 26-yard completion. With no timeouts remaining they sprinted to line, but instead of spiking the ball, they ran a play instead. Murray would drop back and attempt a back shoulder fade to WR Malcom Mitchell, something that worked for them all year, but the pass was batted at the line, eventually caught by WR Chris Conley who was immediately tackled and time ran out before getting off another play.

It was a tough way to lose, especially knowing that they were so close to playing for the crystal football. After Georgia got walloped on the road at South Carolina not many expected the Bulldogs to even be in a position to win an SEC Championship, let alone be one game away from a national title.

There’s a lot of pressure that is put on the players these days and it is easy to imagine what Murray must have been dealing with leading up to the game, realizing that if they won they would be in the National Championship game.

It must have been even tougher for Murray the way the game finished, knowing what might have been.

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