Leading Receiver Leaves Georgia Tech

By Ryan McCart
Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets have a recent history of having one elite receiver on its roster. It started with Calvin Johnson (yes that Calvin Johnson), he was followed by Stephen Hill and Jeff Greene was supposed to be the next receiver in that lineage. I say ‘supposed to’ because it has been announced that Greene is leaving the team.

This information was given to the public by Greene’s high school coach Chad Phillips. Apparently it was a mutual decision to part ways, as Greene wasn’t too happy with the coaches and in return the coaches weren’t too happy with him. Greene is a 6’4” sophomore that had all the tools to become one of the best receivers in the ACC, but according to Phillips he is leaving because of poor effort and attitude.

Despite those two important intangibles, Greene was the Yellow Jackets’ leading receiver in the 2012 regular season. He caught 18 passes for 284 yards and two touchdowns. He led the team in receptions and receiving yards and was tied for second on the team in touchdowns.

Losing Greene’s talent will hurt Georgia Tech, but if his attitude was as bad as indicated then it could actually help the team’s chemistry and thus on-field production. Now, no one outside the program really knows how bad Greene’s effort and attitude actually were, but these reports could make it hard for the sophomore to find an FBS program to transfer to. The fact that he wasn’t simply kicked off the team bodes well for him.

We will see if this mutual parting of ways ends up being good for Georgia Tech in the Sun Bowl when the Jackets take on Southern California.

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