Al Golden Committed to Miami...For Now

By Ryan McCart
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Days like this put everything in perspective. The news coming out of Newtown, Connecticut today can’t get any worse. This is a tragedy in every sense of the word. Sports are nothing but a pastime for fans, but human life is everything and it is irreplaceable. Please keep your thoughts and prayers, with the victims of this terrible tragedy.

Rumors have been flying around lately about Miami head coach Al Golden leaving the program for greener pastures elsewhere. The most recent of these rumors revolves around Wisconsin, but it appears that these rumors were nothing more than that. For now it seems that Golden will stay with the Hurricanes. There are some reasons for Golden to leave and there are also plenty for him to stay.

The biggest reason that Golden would even consider leaving is the NCAA. Heavy sanctions are looming over the Miami program because of the Nevin Shapiro scandal. The impending sanctions have caused the University to self-impose bowl bans for the past two years. Many believe that the self-imposed bowl bans won’t carry much favor with the NCAA. The hammer of the NCAA is over the Miami football program and all of the program’s transgressions occurred before Golden was there. If the Sanctions are indeed as bad as believed then nobody would blame Golden for leaving.

However, reports are that Golden is “100 percent committed” to Miami. The biggest reason for Golden to stay at Miami is stability and job security. Just last year, Golden signed an extension with the University and he is under contract with the school until 2020.

The head coach may very well be committed to the Miami football program now. However, if severe sanctions are handed down then the rumors surrounding Golden will probably arise again, but it appears that he won’t leave the Hurricanes at least until the sanctions are released.

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