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Ten Names More Appropriate for The Big East Conference

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Ten Names More Appropriate for the Big East Conference

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It’s no secret that the Big East is struggling at the moment. It has lost a number of its stronger football teams to larger conferences, and even those teams weren’t exactly national championship contenders.

As a conference, the Big East seemed to be alright with this, banking a large portion of its hope on its fairly strong standing as a basketball conference. Now, even that is starting to seem unlikely, as seven basketball only members of the conference announced a possible departure to the Atlantic Ten conference.

So where does this leave the Big East? Well, it leaves it stumbling, bumbling and trying to stay afloat in an ocean of irrelevancy.

The conference is already the butt of a number of realignment jokes and is faced with the decision of adding less-than-stellar schools to avoid collapsing. It also has been forced to throw out geography altogether, as it will now consist of schools from eleven different states, ranging from Florida to California.

This just adds to the fun. Now, jokers all over the country came out to help kick the conference while it’s down.

All that being said, I could think of about 100 names better fit for the conference than “Big East”, for a number of reasons, but specifically the fact that there are teams from the west side of the country.

It was tough to narrow this list down to only ten names, but here are the ten that made the cut.

Enjoy the ten names more fitting for the Big East Conference.

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The Big 11

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The Big 11, simply for the number of states in which the conference has a school. The “Big 11” is much better than “The Big East”. At least this name has some truth to it. Calling the conference the Big East is not simply misleading; East of What? China?

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The Titanic Conference

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Is it too soon for a titanic joke? Maybe, but that doesn’t help the school escape the fact that it is sinking, and sinking fast.

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The "Still a Conference" Conference

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Nothing says “Hey, at least we’re not the WAC” quite like the “Still a conference” conference.

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The "Almost Still a Basketball Conference" Conference

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Until earlier this week, The Big East could have banked on the “Still a basketball power” name. That’s unfortunate.

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The Big Cheese

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The Big Cheese is great for this conference. It’s always fluffing up its current situation with words like “never been better” and “optimistic”. I don’t know that anyone actually buys that. I’m not even sure the commissioner himself buys it.

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The BCS Non-Relevant

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Until the playoff system kicks in, the Big East still has an automatic tie-in to a BCS bowl. That’s hard to believe. Calling the conference by this name will help keep teams’ heads from getting too big.

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The "USA 12"

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Another play on geography here; the twelve teams in the Big East stretch all across the country, so why not call it what it is?

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The "Had Virginia Tech and Miami Once" Conference

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Some folks will remember a time when the Big East had a few notable teams in its conference. This name will bring back the golden days of the conference, drawing the attention away from its current state.

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The Big Smalls

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This will remind everyone that the teams in this conference are still BCS eligible, but are smaller sized schools.

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The Conference Formerly Known as The C-USA

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Houston, SMU, Tulane, ECU, Memphis and UCF are just a few of the former C-USA teams to join the Big East.