Crimson Tide's Dial Will Not Receive Suspension for Hit on Murray

By Mike Atkinson


Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama Crimson Tide defensive lineman Quinton Dial will not receive a suspension for his controversial hit on Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Arron Murray in the SEC Championship game.

The hit, which can be viewed below, appeared to be a helmet to helmet hit during a block on a quarterback who was away from the play.

I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It’s pretty clear that helmet contact was made. The fact that it was on a quarterback only make it worse in my opinion. The direction that football is headed, with constant talk of player safety and concussions, tells me that this hit should have been suspended.

If this hit happened in the NFL, Dial would have received at least a one game suspension and a 25 thousand dollar fine.

It disgusts me that in this day in age, where player safety is at a forefront of modern football, a player can take a cheap shot on a defenseless player who isn’t even involved with the play, and get away with it.

Now, if Dial doesn’t lead with his head, and hits Murray’s chest, then I’m fine with the hit. I could almost excuse it if it was a necessary block. It’s the fact that Dial led with his helmet and aimed for Murray’s head that bothers me. Luckily, Murray wasn’t seriously injured on the play, but hits like that can take a real toll on a player.

It was an unnecessary hit, too far from the play to be ruled clean. I’ve seen much milder hits penalized for unnecessary roughness.

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