Two Arizona Wildcat Teammates Brawl on Sideline During New Mexico Bowl

By Mike Atkinson
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Gildan New Mexico Bowl isn’t exactly a close game at the moment, and tempers must be running high on the Arizona Wildcats sideline, as two teammates began to brawl during the game.

Usually, you see fights between players of opposite teams, but these guys don’t care. Losing big can cause emotions to run high and make everyone involved irritable. The fight is shown below:

The fight was between freshman linebacker Cody Ippolito and junior defensive lineman Tevin Hood. There’s no telling what started the fight, but it’s clear that Hood, on the bench was not happy with something Ippolito said. He stood up and took a shot at his teammate.

Now, I don’t care how mad you are at a teammate, you simply cannot throw punches at your own team, especially during a nationally televised game. This is not the type of publicity the Wildcats want right now.

They are already on the losing end of a blowout, and now, they are fighting each other. At least put that emotion towards the other team. If they put that kind of passion into the game, maybe they wouldn’t be trailing by as much as they are.

This is completely unprofessional. Coaches and players rushed to break the two apart before more serious consequences occurred.

Since it happened during a bowl game, I’d be curious to see if any consequences will result from the scrum. Both players should be back at the school next season, so a suspension is not completely out of the question.

Currently, the game is in the third quarter, with the Wildcats trailing 45-28.

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