Big Ten Conference Could Be Poised For More Expansion

By Andy Schmidt
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

It was announced this week that seven teams in the Big East Conference will leave the conference in the next few years to make their own conference. It leaves two big schools in the Cincinnati Bearcats and Connecticut Huskies seemingly in limbo in a conference that is falling apart at the seams. This may be another opportunity for the Big Ten Conference to strike if they really want to go to 16 teams in the near future.

The Big Ten has already added the Rutgers Scarlet Knights in the Northeast and the Ohio State Buckeyes would be a logical in-state rival for Cincinnati. If the Big Ten were to think about these moves, it would open up even more viewing eyes on the East Coast as well. That means even more revenue for the conference and their Big Ten Network. Connecticut and Cincinnati are both very solid basketball programs and their football programs are good and would compete in the middle of the conference.

I’m sure that Jim Delany and the people at the Big Ten headquarters are monitoring this situation very closely and with how secret they were in getting Rutgers and the Maryland Terrapins into the conference, I wouldn’t be shocked if this happens. The Big East is falling apart with schools spread all over the place for football starting next season. Connecticut and Cincinnati may be looking for a way out that will limit their travel at least somewhat instead of having to go to Boise or San Diego for a conference football game. The conference puzzle still isn’t completed.

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