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5 Reasons Why Johnny Manziel Won’t Win Another Heisman

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Five Reasons Johnny Manziel Will Not Win Another Heisman

Johnny Football
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Johnny Football, you just won the Heisman! What are you going to do now?

Is there anything he can’t do? Heck, as a redshirt freshman at Texas A&M, he led his team to victory against the number one team in the country, threw for a massive amount of touchdowns and yardage and even won the Heisman trophy. Well, I guess that’s about all you can ask for out of a college career aside from winning the national championship.

So now what? Does he stay three more years and try to break all of the single season and career passing records at A&M? Will he win three more Heisman trophies with his school? Are you tired of all these rhetorical questions that can’t really be answered while reading an article online?

Well, to answer the Heisman question, Johnny Manziel is a good player, but simply not great enough to truly reign at his position. Sure, he won the Heisman this year and he deserved it. However, it’s nothing short of lucky that he had a good year in one of the weakest overall college football talent pools.

The Heisman wasn’t decided until the very end of the season and it wasn’t because there were too many great players. In fact, it was because there wasn’t one truly outstanding player. There were a number of good players, but no one outstanding player.

That being said, there are a number of reasons Johnny Football will not win another Heisman. He are our best five.

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Defenses Will Learn How to Defend Him

Johnny Football
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Teams now have a whole year of Manziel under their belt, and a whole year of film to practice up on. By the time Manziel is a senior, teams will have him figured out.

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A Large Portion of His Stats Came Against Weak Teams

Johnny Football
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16 of Manziel’s touchdowns came against SMU, FCS South Carolina State and FCS Sam Houston State.

Against Florida, LSU and Michigan State, Manziel had zero passing touchdowns and three interceptions.

Anytime a team plays two FCS schools, the players’ stat lines will look better.

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"Johnny Football" is a Fad That Will Pass

Johnny Football
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Enjoy this photo of Texas A&M girls, who one could only assume are caught up in all of the “Johnny Football” hoopla.

America as a whole is obsessed with “Johnny Football”, Heisman voters included. He’s the perfect story. A young, Texas gunslinger who climbed to glory after just one season. Now that he’s won the Heisman already, look for people to get tired of hearing about “Johnny Football”.

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Teams Will Game Plan Around Manziel

Johnny Football
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Now that Manziel has had success and won a Heisman, every team he faces will be creating their game plans with him in mind. When a team figures out a player’s weakness, and then tailors everything they do in that game to target that weakness, it becomes a lot harder to be successful.

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The 2012 Heisman Class was Exceptionally Weak

Johnny Football
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The 2012 Heisman class was so weak that the final two candidates were a freshman and a defensive player. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the two final candidates were two situations which have never happened in the history of the award. The defensive player in question would not have even been in the running on an up year for the award.

I don’t think Manziel will be in the future either. The Heisman race this year wasn’t determined until the very end of the season. This year showed a number of good college football players, but none were really great.