Papa John’s reducing Sugar Bowl ticket prices for Louisville Cardinals fans

By Michael Amato


Jamie Rhodes – USA TODAY Sports

Papa John’s Pizza has made a donation to the Louisville Cardinals to help reduce ticket prices for the Sugar Bowl. The donation will lower the 600-level seats in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome from $135 to $65. Since Papa John’s is a Louisville based company, it is no surprise they are helping out Cardinals fans.

Many times schools take a financial loss on bowl tickets as they are forced to buy a percentage to attempt to sell to their students. That may sound easy on paper, but when you consider online sites that make tickets cheaper to purchase, as well as the fact students will have to pay their own travel costs down to the game, then getting rid of all their allotted tickets is difficult for universities.

While reports have suggested that the Florida Gators are struggling to sell their share of tickets to the Sugar Bowl, the Cardinals have already gotten rid of 14,000 of their 17,500. That’s a good sign for Louisville as they figure to be a major underdog for this one. Having some strong crowd support can’t hurt.

Papa John’s has also partnered with the school for another worthy cause surrounding the BCS game. Louisville fans can purchase a ticket at a discounted price for a soldier or youth in the New Orleans area. There will be a tax deduction on the tickets and it will allow many other local people to see the game. It also ensures that the stadium will be nice and full, which should create a great atmosphere for the game.

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