2012 Postseason Important for ACC

By Ryan McCart
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s face it; the perception of the ACC can’t get much worse. Right now there is a debate as to which is the worst conference of the “big 6”, between the Big 10 and the ACC. That is why it is so imperative for the ACC to do well in the postseason this year.

There are six teams from the ACC competing in bowl games this year, but it could have been eight. North Carolina and Miami were both had winning seasons, which any other year would have meant bowl appearances. However, UNC is serving a bowl ban imposed on them by the NCAA and Miami self-imposed the ban because of the Shapiro scandal.

So the ACC is already behind the 8-ball because of those two programs. The lack of UNC and Miami in the postseason makes it imperative for the rest of conference to step up and win some bowl games. However, no game is more important to the conference than the Orange Bowl this year. Florida State will meet Northern Illinois in Miami this year.

No conference has been worse in the BCS than the ACC, and Florida State has a very good chance to, at least, make the conference’s record a little better. The ACC as a conference is 2-13 in the BCS, and while 3-13 isn’t much better, it is better. Northern Illinois won’t be a walk in the park for the Seminoles, but they are a MAC team that won’t have its head coach. This is a must win game for Jimbo Fisher and his Seminoles.

As for the rest of conference, it will be considered a win if the other five teams salvage a winning record in their bowl games. The ACC needs to step up in the biggest games, if they want to stop being the laughing stock of the other “big 6” conferences.

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