Gary Andersen Has Interviewed For Wisconsin Coaching Job

By Riley Schmitt
Douglas C. Pizac-USA TODAY Sports

The Wisconsin coaching search has gone on longer than a lot of people would have guessed. However, it appears that they have settled on a target. Gary Andersen, who just led Utah State to a great season, has interviewed for the opening.

We will see if Andersen ends up being convinced to take the job.  There have been a lot of people connected to the job but none have jumped at it.  In the meantime, Wisky has been losing a lot of assistant coaches.  This means whoever comes in will have their work cut out for them to build a coaching staff.  That might not be something that a guy wants to deal with.

If Andersen can build on his success, the Wisconsin team will not skip a beat.  However, it is a different animal coaching in a major conference instead of a mid-major one.  You may be able to pick up 11 wins with Utah State but that does not mean you are going to win at a bigger school.  Then again, 11 wins is 11 wins.  That is very impressive, regardless of who you play.

Keep an eye on this in the coming days.  If Wisconsin really wants him, I have the feeling that they get him.  This would end some speculation around the job and it would allow the team to prepare for 2013.  Those are both good things.


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