ACC Reaction to 2013 Preseason Poll

By Ryan McCart
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Someone at has way too much time on their hands. Which is surprising considering that bowl season is already under way and there are lots of juicy bowl matchups to pick apart piece by piece. However, that hasn’t stopped the website from publishing a way too-early (they call it early bird) 2013 preseason poll.

Not surprisingly, there are only two ACC teams ranked in the top 25. Clemson is ranked 13th and Florida State is 15th. Chances are that in the preseason, those will be the only two teams from the ACC that will be ranked. However, this poll has come out before any reasonable rankings should be compiled. The postseason play of these teams and recruiting classes aren’t factored in, because they haven’t even happened yet.

This is where I think that the real problem with this poll occurs. In the others receiving consideration category is one other ACC team, and it’s Miami. Now, chances are that if any other team in the ACC is ranked before the 2013 season will be the Hurricanes, but the fact that no other teams from the conference are in that category is a little ludicrous.

North Carolina should have been in that category as well. If not for NCAA sanctions the Tar Heels would have won the Coastal Division, and a lot of talent will be returning to Chapel Hill next year. Star running back Giovani Bernard is leaving early for the NFL, but UNC has some solid depth at the position.

The other team that should be on the verge of consideration is Virginia Tech. Yes, the Hokies 2012 season was a huge disappointment, but if Logan Thomas returns for his senior year then that alone is enough for consideration. Then you can add in the fact that the coaching staff is bringing in what appears to be a very good recruiting class and you have the makings of a bounce back team. I think that the Hokies 2012 season is the exception that defines the rule. The team and coaching staff are just too good to fall off the map so quickly.

So my personal reaction to this particular 2013 early bird preseason poll is fairly predictable. It is just simply too early to make such predictions. Give it a few months and we will then have a real chance at officially getting the prediction wrong. After all, Southern California was the top team in the preseason poll this year.

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