College Football Should Reduce Time Before Bowl Games

By Andy Schmidt
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

There is a trend that occurs every season in major college football between the end of the regular season and the bowl games. It seems that every season at least half the teams in bowl games have had to suspend someone for a crime or a violation of school policy before the bowl game even happens. The time has come to move these bowl games up or have an extended playoff so the players can’t get themselves in trouble while having to wait six weeks between games.

The latest issue came when three members of the Michigan Wolverines were suspended from the Outback Bowl including the school’s starting punter. Who knew the punter could get in trouble too? The larger problem is that teams like Michigan end their season in late November and if they were good, don’t play again until New Year’s Day. Should college football start their season later to allow for fewer off days between games? That likely won’t work with academics and finals. Should there be a playoff of eight or 16 teams that keep more people involved? That sounds good on the surface with the same problem but honestly is the best way to go.

There are tons of people who hate this idea because it wrecks the student-athletes and their academics to end the first semester but with conference realignment, the players are out most of the time anyway. I think college football needs to move to a larger playoff and maybe players can keep their minds on football. It is long overdue to happen.

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