Baylor's Lache Seastrunk: "I Know I'm the Best Back in the Country"

By Mike Atkinson


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor Bears’ running back Lache Seastrunk made some bold statements that may come back to bite him in the butt.

Seastrunk made the following statements about his 2013 season:

“I’m going to win the Heisman. I’m going to win it in 2013. If I don’t, I’m going to get very close. I’m shooting for that goal. I will gladly say it. I feel like there’s no back who can do what I do. I know I’m the fastest back in the country. I know I’m the best back in the country.”

Wow. Those are some bold statements coming from anyone, but especially a player who will be a redshirt junior with only one season of experience.

Seastrunk transferred from the Oregon Ducks, where he was used as a redshirt. He then sat for a year at Baylor during his first year after transferring.

Even better, Seastrunk didn’t carry the ball for double-digit carries until the eighth game of the season, and when he did, he was used as the secondary running back.

I don’t like this at all. This kid had three strong games to end the season, rushing for 185, 136 and 178 yards consecutively in Baylor’s last three games. Prior to that, he only ran for more than 100 yards one time, against winless-in-conference Kansas Jayhawks.

If you’re going to personally guarantee a Heisman win, you need more than a few games with good stats. Even if this guy was as good as he thinks he is, it is entirely inappropriate to make a statement declaring a Heisman win this early.

Why is this kid not worrying about his bowl game? The 2012 season isn’t even over and he’s out running his mouth to the media about how explosive he’ll be in 2013? Are you kidding me?

If he wants people to respect his talent, then he should show us on the field. You want someone to consider you for the Heisman, put up the numbers and get their attention on the field, not at a press conference.

This is a kid crying for attention. If he was as good as he thinks he is he wouldn’t have to make a public guarantee of the Heisman to get it.

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