College Football Rumors: Boise State Reconsidering Move to Big East?

By Kris Hughes
Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports


There’s been some rumblings in the media over the past few weeks that Boise State‘s pending move to the Big East Conference was starting to not look so definite, due to a couple of factors.

This speculation is coming to a head today, as the rumors are getting louder that a restructured, augmented Mountain West Conference television deal may prevent the Broncos from making the move east and convince them to stay put.

The official entrance date into the Big East for Boise State isn’t until July 1, 2013, giving them plenty of wiggle room to make an alternate decision should one present itself between now and then– and it appears that has happened.

According to a few reports which have surfaced, the Mountain West has altered its television deal to allow for games to be sold to additional providers including NBC Sports Network, Fox Sports, Turner Sports, and ESPN outside of their current exclusive deal with CBS, opening the possibility of additional rights revenue going forward.

Boise’s initial decision to move to the Big East starting with the 2013-2014 season was due in part to television revenue, but in reality had as much to do with their desire to be a member of a BCS conference with the ability to play in a BCS bowl from one season to the next without having to qualify as an at-large.

Would the additional television revenue provided by an expanded Mountain West deal be enough for them to reconsider the Big East move even though the MWC still wouldn’t be a BCS conference, but instead, perhaps, the most-powerful non-BCS player?

It’s a matter of logistics and upside, but regardless, the Big East has some counter-proposals to make and Boise has a decision to ponder over the next six months– a decision which could easily affect not only their short-term, but long-term future as an emerging mid-major college football power.

Kris Hughes is the College Football Network Manager for Rant Sports. You can follow Kris on Twitter @KrisHughesRS.


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