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Five Reasons Johnny Manziel Will Get a Second Heisman Trophy

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Five Reasons Johnny Manziel Wins Another Heisman

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History. It is made, broken, repeated, and misunderstood with great regularity. In the forum of college football there is great reverence for the echos of the past and how they appear in present form. For Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel history was something to made.

Captivating audiences since his days as a prep star in tiny Kerrville, Texas, Manziel was overlooked by his childhood favorite program. For the Texas Longhorns, 6'1" 200 pound quarterbacks aren't high on their recruiting list.

Known for his athletic ability and creativity on the field, a wide open offensive mind in the Northwest was intrigued by Manziel. Chip Kelly, head coach of the Oregon Ducks, was able to secure a verbal commitment from the quarterback. That lasted until Manziel caught to the eye of Texas' in-state rival. Seeing a chance to stay in Texas, Manziel broke his commitment to the Ducks and turned his sights toward College Station.

Some wild moments, a gigantic upset, and a few seemingly impossible plays later, the redshirt freshman took home the stiff-armed trophy. Johnny "Football" can now be affectionately referred to as Johnny "Heisman." But will there be another?

Mr. Manziel has already made history as being the lone freshman to walk out of New York with the most famous individual award in college football. Will he do it again? Only Ohio State Buckeyes running back Archie Griffin has won the award twice. With three years of eligibility left, certainly Manziel can match or maybe surpass Mr. Griffin, can he not?

Here are the five reasons Johnny Manziel will be awarded yet another Heisman Trophy.


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5. He's a mobile quarterback

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Let us be honest here. There are a lot of incredibly talented college football players everywhere you look. But this is the Heisman Trophy. We can safely eliminate non-quarterback and non-running backs from serious discussion. Defensive players can be just as important but this award is reserved for runners and passers. Johnny is both which gives him a leg up on the competition. Stats matter when differentiating between candidates, and a quarterback with passing and rushing yards on his resume', just plain looks good.

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4. He plays in the SEC

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The Southeastern Conference. An ultimate proving ground for programs and players who want to build their college football "street cred." Dominating down South will earn plenty of attention among writers from all corners of the nation. Four of the past six Heisman winners are from SEC schools. As the conference racks up championships, the golden award is joining in the fun.

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3. He is a household name

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Name recognition is a nice asset to have coming into a season. Before the first game kicks off, the Heisman front-runners are debated and ranked in the order of who is most deserving. Sure there are winners that come out of nowhere (Manziel included), but early hype can put a player in position to impress from day one. Plus playing in the SEC gives Manziel plenty of prime-time opportunities for East Coast writers to see his work. If writers don't know who you are, you won't get any recognition. Manziel does not have that problem anymore.

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2. He has three seasons left

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Unlike any other player that has come before him, Manziel has three more years where he can bring a Heisman back to Aggieland. Manziel also has three seasons to continue to improve. Another stellar season is very likely considering his ability. If this is what the young quarterback can accomplish as a redshirt freshman, what can he do as a four year junior? I'm guessing other SEC schools don't want to think about it. Maybe Manziel leaves early for the draft. At his size, he isn't likely to be a top pick. Playing three more years is highly likely.

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1. He's just really good

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Clearly there are plenty of circumstantial reasons for Manziel to receive another stiff-armed trophy. How about the most obvious; the kid is really good at playing football. From a toddler to a college quarterback in a major conference, Manziel has always found ways to impress all who witness his athletic ability. Described by some as jazz on a football field, Johnny "Football" or Johnny "Heisman" or Johnny "Whatever", the kid is flat out talented. What more reason could you need?