Virginia Tech Will Wear New Helmet in Russell Athletic Bowl

By Ryan McCart
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Tech and Frank Beamer need to just stop. The Hokies will be playing Rutgers in the Russell Athletic Bowl and when they do they will be wearing another new helmet. The new helmet is a maroon, matte one, with no distinguishing marks except for a Russell Athletic Bowl sticker on the back. This has been the Hokies M.O. all season. It seems that every week this year Tech was wearing a new helmet, and they just got uglier and uglier as the season went on.

Now, these new helmets are not the ugliest that the Hokies have worn this year (that award goes to the infamous Hokie Bird helmets pictured above), but at a certain point someone needs to settle this whole thing down. A 6-6 team should not be wearing a different uniform combination every week. I hate this new trend in college football.

Oregon started this whole thing with their hundreds of different uniform combinations, and let’s be honest here, 90% of their combinations are ugly. Maryland followed suit with their own ugly uniforms, but the Hokies have done it a bit differently. Virginia Tech hasn’t changed their actual jersey that much, it is usually one of the usual suspects (maroon, white or orange), but they have been premiering new helmets all season.

Tech has worn their traditional maroon helmets, white helmets, orange helmets, camo helmets, gobbler feet helmets, Hokie Bird helmets, and now the new simply maroon helmet. Most fans I have spoken with have disliked the majority of these helmets and wish that the Hokies would stick with the traditional maroon helmet.

However, these different looks are not meant to please the fans, but rather to impress potential recruits. That is why, I fear to say, the new looks aren’t going anywhere.

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