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20 College Football Players on Santa’s Naughty List

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20 Players Who Will be on Santa's Naughty List

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

When looking at the 2012 college football season and the offseason leading up to it, one thing strikes as being extremely prominent: arrests.

Although players don't need to get arrested to be considered for this naughty list, most, if not all, players on this list were arrested as some point this year and will not be getting a visit from good old St. Nick.

With Christmas just a few days away, these athletes have done everything they could to ensure themselves a lump of coal and a slap on the wrist from law enforcement. Whether it was the "Honey Badger" and his multiple failed drug tests, or a smorgasbord of other athletes filling up the news with arrests and foul play of their own.

You might be surprised at who makes this list, as a Heisman candidate, or winner, may be on there with a preseason arrest of his own.

Every season it seems like the arrests of athletes grows in number. This season has been no different and especially in college football as arrests seem to be rampant season after season.

I don't know what it is about the college football season that makes these athletes want to go commit crimes, but this list would not be made possible if it weren't for the poor decisions of these 20 athletes.

I have compiled a list of what I think are the top 20 unique ways of getting trouble with the law that would make even Santa Claus cringe.

If I missed any notable ones, leave a comment saying which ones and I may add another slideshow in the future with honorable mentions.

This list only comes out once a year, so enjoy.

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20. Fitzgerald Toissaint, Michigan

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the offseason was not kind to Fitzgerald Toussaint as a late July arrest for driving under the influence was just the beginning of a nightmare season. The junior running back plead guilty to driving while drunk and was suspended for the Michigan Wolverines' home opener against Alabama-- not that he would have made a difference in the game. He never recovered from the suspension, running for just over 500 yards on 130 carries before a horrific injury in the second to last game of the season, ending his year. Bad season for Toussaint and even worse now knowing Santa won't be paying him a visit.

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19. Yuri Wright, Colorado

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Yuri Wright just epitomizes the kind of season that Colorado had. The four-star recruit, Wright was expelled from his high school during the offseason for vulgar tweets that were either sexual or racist in nature. The highly-touted cornerback then committed to Colorado despite the expulsion and played in five of the team's 12 games, recording 16 tackles. The Buffaloes finished the season 1-11 and Wright was just the beginning of the madness that the Buffs dealt with in 2012.

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18. Marcus Binns, Iowa

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

This one goes in the category of 'are you kidding me?' crimes. Marcus Binns, a former member of the Iowa Hawkeyes, was charged with fifth degree theft after, get this, changing the price tag on a shirt, lowering its value. The shirt he wanted was reportedly $75 but he changed the tag to $17.32 and tried to buy it. He was caught and arrested for the crime and Kirk Ferentz later reported that he was no longer apart of the Hawkeye football program. That extra $60 could have saved him a lot of hassle, or just ask for the shirt for Christmas like everyone else.

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17. Thomas Finnie, Miami

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Finnie is just another in the long line of Miami Hurricanes who have committed crimes during their time in college. The U has been known for crime, earning the infamous nicknames and a bad reputation throughout the country. Finnie was charged in the offseason with occupied burglary and grand theft after he admitted to police that he was involved in stealing a laptop from a student's dorm room. I'm sorry, Thomas, but you can't do that.

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16. Sini Tauauve'a, Utah State

utah state
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Utah State's junior defensive lineman, Sini Tauauve'a, is the latest player to make the naughty list after being arrested following the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl on December 15. He was arrested on charges on misdemeanor battery and trespassing following the team's victory over Toledo in the bowl game. Not sure what caused him to go out and do such a crime during what should have been a celebratory time for him and the team, but it earned him a couple nights in jail and a sad December 25, with a couple lumps of coal in his stocking.

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15. Maty Mauk, Missouri

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Maty Mauk is a freshman quarterback at Missouri and has already been in trouble with the law on campus. He was arrested in August for a scooter accident that he fled the scene from. Yes, Mauk was driving the scooter. Police said that he was driving with two female passengers when he struck two vehicles and ran a stop sign to elude police. He later turned himself in, earning some brownie points from the big guy(Santa), but not enough to make the nice list. Tough go for the freshman quarterback.

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14. Erik Highsmith, North Carolina

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Erik Highsmith made the list with another 'are you kidding me?' type of crime. The North Carolina senior wide receiver was accused of plagiarizing an 11-year-old's essay and making it his own. Highsmith was never arrested for this crime, but it is one that landed him in hot water as plagiarizing is one of the more frowned upon crimes in all colleges. I guess Highsmith failed to pass the 'are you smarter than a 5th grader?' test.

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13. Martez James, Kentucky State

kentucky state
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Kentucky State's quarterback, Martez James, was arrested in September following a brush up with a maid at the team's hotel, literally. James was arrested after being accused of rubbing his body against a female employee of the hotel just hours before James was supposed to lead his team against Albany State at Soldier Field in Chicago. He apparently asked the maid for a few minutes of her time while she ignored him, he followed her into a room and pushed his body against hers. Wrong move, Martez James. Wrong move.

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12. Mike Lucas, Ohio

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Another freshman makes the list after Mike Lucas, an offensive lineman for the Ohio Bobcats, was arrested after he attacked another freshman on campus. Police said Lucas and four other men attacked a freshman who was sitting on a bench. Lucas, a redshirt freshman, was charged with felonious assault and suspended from the team indefinitely following the incident. Not sure what caused this assault, but I'm sure one against five was not a fair match.

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11. Jordan Leslie, UTEP

Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Leslie was arrested for the possession of a weapon and making 'terroristic threats' to another student in November. The UTEP sophomore wide receiver may talented on the field, but his talent off the field may need a little work. Police say that the sophomore was apparently holding a gun and making terrorist threats towards a student. Not a smart move by any means, guns are not really a strong topic of conversation these days.

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10. Markell Wilkins, Old Dominion

Photo Courtesy-

You know you've made it onto the naughty list when you crack the top-10. Markell Wilkins, a cornerback at Old Dominion, is lucky enough to do so after being arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit rape. He was arrested in July after police identified him as being involved with a series of rapes in June in the Old Dominion dormitories. This will never earn you a spot on the nice list, let alone the football team.

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9. Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M

texas a&m
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Not many people are aware of this arrest, nor was I, and it definitely caught my attention. In June, Johnny Manziel was arrested outside of a bar for fighting with another man. When police asked for Manziel's ID, the 19-year-old gave the police his fake ID, one that stated he was 21. Oops. Police later found two more IDs in his wallet, one fake and one real. The Texas A&M Heisman-winner was charged with processing a fake driver's license, failure to identify and disorderly conduct by fighting. Who knew what he would end up accomplishing this year.

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8. Nicholas Weiler, North Carolina

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The second Tarheel to make the naughty list this Christmas is North Carolina's Nicholas Weiler who was arrested for a slough of charges in late-September. Police said the 18-year-old Weiler was arrested for getting in a fight with two other men, knocking one man's teeth out and giving the other a black eye. He was charged with a simple assault, felony assault inflicting injury, resisting arrest, possession of fictitious ID and underage possession of alcohol. Quite the list of charges for this football player. Oh, by the way, he is the Tarheels' kicker/punter. Yes, a kicker did all of this damage.

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7. Jaryd Rudolph, Boston College

boston college
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Jaryd Rudolph, a junior defensive tackle for Boston College, was charged with illegally audio-taping a sexual encounter between a teammate and a grad student. Rudolph was reportedly in trouble with the law after audio-taping a consensual sexual encounter between his roommate and another woman. Apparently, the sexual noises that he taped were distributed to other members of the football team and caused the woman to file charges. This was just a joke gone wrong for the junior.

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6. Colorado State Brawlers

colorado state
Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

This is one of the older stories, occurring last April, but it still counts for this college football season. In April, three Colorado State football players were arrested after beating four freshman students at the university. Junior linebacker Michael Orakpo and junior defensive ends Colton Paulhus and Nordly Capi were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct. Police and witnesses said it wasn't much of a fight as it was a beating as these three football players sent the four freshman students to the hospital.

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5. Lyle McCombs, Connecticut

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Lyle McCombs of Connecticut did something that no man should do. The sophomore tailback was arrested after yelling, spitting and pushing his girlfriend during an altercation outside of a campus residence hall. McCombs was charged with second-degree breach of peace and broke the No. 1 rule of all men: never lay a hand on a woman. The punishment for McCombs? He was benched for one quarter of the team's next game. Not severe enough at all.

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4. Sean Collins, Purdue

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Another player breaking the No. 1 man rule was Purdue's Sean Collins after he allegedly struck a woman in the face in July. Former coach Danny Hope then dismissed Collins from the team following the incident. He was arrested on charges of public intoxication, resisting arrest and battery. Purdue handled this situation much better than Connecticut had with Lyle McCombs as Collins was kicked off the team.

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3. Kamal Johnson, Temple

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kamal Johnson of Temple topped both the No. 4 and No. 5 players on my list with his ugly display of stupidity. Johnson was arraigned on charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment, simple assault and endangering the welfare of another person in September. Johnson was accused of forcing his way into his girlfriend's apartment, punched her in the back and threw her to the floor after accusing her of cheating. He then forced her to sit in a chair and wouldn't let her leave the apartment. In the case of un-manliness, Johnson takes the cake.

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2. Bradley Patterson, Northern Alabama

northern alabama
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Before this incident, nobody had ever heard of Bradley Patterson. Now, the former Northern Alabama lineman is a household name. Patterson got in trouble with his university after tweeting before the Monday Night Football game when President Barack Obama made a pregame speech regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. The player then tweeted a racist tweet calling Obama the 'N' word and saying how he should not be on TV because he wanted to watch some football. Terrible choice by the former player as he is now just that-- a former player.

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1. Tyrann Mathieu, LSU

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

LSU's Tyrann Mathieu had a rocky offseason, finding himself suspended from the team for multiple failed drug tests. He wanted to re-enroll at the school as a student and earn a second shot with the team, but found himself arrested for drug-related charges in October. This seemingly ruined his chances to ever re-join the team. The "Honey Badger" then declared for the NFL Draft and ended his rocky junior season. Santa will not be paying him a visit this year, or for years to come for that matter.