Mike Leach To Co-Author A Book About Geronimo

By Amanda Staver
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

In weird, not-so-surprising news, Washington State Cougars head coach Mike Leach is said to be co-authoring a book about the legendary Geronimo. The eccentric Leach has always been vocal in things that interest him, such as: bears, pirates and Geronimo. Back when he was the head coach at Texas Tech, he had a copy of Geronimo’s death certificate hanging on the wall in his office, as well as a life-size statue of a pirate.

He was approached by a professor at Washington State who is writing a novel about Geronimo and he asked Leach if he would like to help out. When asked about it, Leach said that he has had a longtime fascination with the Apache chief.

It started when my mom would read us books when we were kids, and for some reason I got into Geronimo. We’d go to the library and grab these historic books about him, and she would read them every night.

The author, Buddy Levy has said he will handle the history aspect of the book while he wants Leach to go into how the Apache’s trained and Geronimo’s wisdom. Leach has dropped Geronimo and Apache references in press conferences, during pregame speeches and no doubt, randomly in normal conversation.

This isn’t Leach’s first rodeo when it comes to being an author. His autobiography, Swing Your Sword, came out last year. It was listed as one of the New York Times Bestsellers for several weeks.

When Leach’s coaching career finally does come to a close, he has plenty of options on what he can do next. Though, being a pirate or an Apache Chief probably doesn’t pay as much.


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