Holiday Bowl Will Be High-Scoring Again

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The final college football bowl game on December 27 is the Holiday Bowl as the 7-5 Baylor Bears face the 9-4 UCLA Bruins in San Diego at 9:45 p.m. Eastern Time. The Holiday Bowl has always featured high-scoring football games that seem to last well into the night on the West Coast and this game will be no exception. It is the kind of game where the last team with the ball should win the game.

Baylor has won four of their last five games while UCLA has lost two straight games but that doesn’t mean that the Bruins are getting worse late in the season. Baylor is averaging nearly 600 yards a game over their last five games while UCLA is looking for their first 10-win season in seven years and I think it is very possible that they do just that. These two teams have put up a ton of points this season and I think that the two teams will combine for over 100 points.

If this game is low-scoring, I will be in shock. Baylor is good against the run which has been a strength of UCLA this season but I don’t see Baylor slowing that down on this night. Baylor can throw it all over the place as well and no one has really slowed them down all year and that won’t happen in this game either. That leaves two teams that will go up and down the field at will. It will be a great game if you love offense as I believe UCLA will pull out a 57-53 win. That does sound like a basketball score I know but these teams will light the scoreboard up in San Diego.

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