Will Alabama's Jesse Williams Play Against Notre Dame?

By Dan Irwin
Jesse Williams
Marvin Gentry – USA Today Sports

Alabama Crimson Tide linebacker Jesse Williams has a toughness that he brings to the table that his teammates are often envious of. But no amount of toughness can get you right back on the field when you’re coming back from a sprained knee.

“The knee’s good. Still connected to my body, so it’s always good,” said Williams.

Williams got the rough end of a deal against the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship game in which a Georgia offensive lineman fell on his leg and caused it to bend in a way that wasn’t natural. After sustaining that kind of injury, there’s no doubt there’s still pain. But there’s also optimism that Williams will be ready for the big game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

The 320-pound beast of a nose guard spent the entirety of this weekends’ practices on a bike, plugging away at really the only thing that coaches had him cleared to do. Until he showed them he could bike for two straight days of course.

The injury didn’t seem too serious at the time. After it occurred in the third quarter and he’d been removed from the game, he was given some ice and told that he could re-enter the game if he could tolerate the pain.

He was back on the field quick.

For now, Williams is doing what he needs to do which is progress through the motions and obstacles of a return from knee-sprain. The best news is always that a player is back or feels one hundred percent, but in this case there are no snags, and with Williams being the type of competitor he is, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see him out on the field for the start of the BCS National Championship game.

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