Virginia Tech to Honor Sandy Hook Victims in Russell Athletic Bowl

By Ryan McCart
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

If you don’t remember your past then you are doomed to repeat past follies in the future. That is a lesson that Virginia Tech has taken to heart. April 16, 2007 started as any other day on the Blacksburg campus, but the day ended in tragedy. 32 innocent students and faculty members were killed by a gunman and another 17 were wounded.

Virginia Tech will never forget that day, and since then Hokie nation has been always been one of the first to extend a hand of comfort and condolences to any school that faced a similar tragedy.

So when tragedy hit Sandy Hook Elementary School earlier this month, it should have come as no surprise that Virginia Tech would show its support. Now the Hokies weren’t the first to send a message of unity with the school in Newtown, Connecticut, but it is a very heartfelt one nonetheless.

The Hokies will play Rutgers in the Russell Athletic Bowl on Friday, and when they do they will be wearing a very special sticker on their helmets. The sticker is orange (one of Tech’s colors) and green (Sandy Hook’s school color) with the word “prevail” and the number 58. The number on the sticker represents the number of victims at Virginia Tech added with the number of victims at Sandy Hook.

It is sad when a tragedy like this happens, especially when it happens at a school. However, it brings people together in a way that rarely occurs. Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook now share a tragic past, and through these tragedies they will be forever linked with one another. It’s good to see that the Hokies aren’t shying away from that, but rather embracing it and attempting to help those in Newtown in any way that they can.

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