One Alabama Fan gets Christmas Gift He'll Never Forget

By Patrick Schmidt
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

One Alabama fan got the gift of a lifetime on Christmas when his son gave him two tickets to the Discover BCS National Championship game to see the Crimson Tide take on Notre Dame from Miami.

This priceless reaction to his son’s gift is truly what the Christmas season is all about.

He even has the houndstooth hat made famous by legendary Alabama head coach Bear Bryant to keep his head warm to round out the experience.

The son will be hard-pressed to top this Christmas gift in the years ahead, it certainly beats the normal gifts that dads seem to get on Christmas. How many times can you give your dad a tie, golf balls, a book or a sweater before pops gets a little annoyed, right?

The two will share a memory that will last a lifetime whether Alabama wins or not when they’re sitting in the upper deck watching their favorite team play for a national championship, and I’m sure the two will have a great time and enjoy each other’s company win or lose.

However, it will make for a great ending if the Crimson Tide is able to capture the school’s 15th national title over the undefeated Irish.

If Alabama is able to secure the win it will be the school’s second-straight national championship and third in the last four seasons.

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