Texas A&M Aggies Hope To Renovate Kyle Field

By Amanda Staver
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

You play with the big boys, it’s time to upgrade that stadium. The Texas A&M Aggies are working up plans to renovate Kyle Field. The football stadium was built in 1927, and hasn’t had a renovation since 2003. Though, who can forget, this past Summer when they added two more football titles to the outside of their stadium to keep up with their new SEC friends. But this is an actual renovation, not games from over 70 years ago.

The “Home of the 12th Man” is said to have a capacity of around 82,600 and most always sell out every single game. They want the new capacity to be somewhere closer to the 100,000 range. The renovations are said to have new, state-of-the-art accommodations and a new grand facade.  The board of regents wants the $425 million dollar project to start in late Winter or early Spring 2013, with a projected completion date of 2016.

Not to worry SEC fans travelling to watch their team play, the Aggies don’t plan on moving any games out of College Station in order for the project to finish.

The San Antonio Express News writes:

A&M had hoped to make a recommendation on a final plan to its regents in the fall, but that has been pushed back to later this winter or spring. The project itself, however, is still on schedule to begin in earnest following the 2013 season and ideally be completed in time for the 2016 season.

The Aggies have also apparently hired the same company who built Reliant Stadium in Houston and Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. I guess if you want to pimp your stadium out, those are definitely the guys to call.


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