Why Did Duke Allow Jordon Byas To Return To The Belk Bowl?

By Riley Schmitt
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

As of writing, the Duke Blue Devils are absolutely dominating the Belk Bowl, but there are more troubling issues afoot. Jordon Byas is a senior safety for the team and he suffered a fairly obvious concussion in the first quarter. For whatever reason, he was back on the field for two plays later and it looked like he suffered ANOTHER concussion.

Everyone watching the game knew that the kid was having issues.  After the first hit, he was stumbling around like a punch-drunk boxer.  He should have not been cleared to go back into the game.  At this point, someone should have grabbed his helmet because the next hit looked worse.  While the play was still going, Byas was on the ground after delivering another vicious hit with his head.

You simply can’t preach about safety in football when teams still overlook concussions.  If the average viewer can see that a kid needs to sit out for a bit, why doesn’t the coach?  You have to be firm in this.  A simple bowl game does not take precedence over your future.  Concussions can ruin lives and there is no reason that Byas should have been out there.  Winning a game is not worth your health.

I have suffered numerous concussions.  Thankfully, my coaches never let me return to the field afterwards.  I wish Byas would have been so lucky.  His brain has to be rattled right now.  Duke may end up winning the game but this recklessness with Byas was just obscene.  Something must be done about this.

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