With Major Applewhite calling plays for the Texas Longhorns, what changes will be made?

By Marian Hinton
Matthew Emmons: USA Today Sports Images

As the Texas Longhorns take the field against the Oregon State Beavers this weekend in this year’s Alamo Bowl, the Longhorns will have a new play-caller. With Bryan Harsin‘s recent departure for a head-coaching position, the Texas offense will now be led by former Longhorn quarterback, Major Applewhite. With Major now calling the plays, what changes can Texas fans expect to see from the offense?

Probably not a whole lot. At least not yet.

At a press conference yesterday afternoon, Applewhite assured the media that there wouldn’t be a whole lot of changes for the bowl game, having this to say about David Ash and the passing game as well as the running game:

Not having coached a quarterback the whole season until the final game, the last thing I want to do is make a lot of changes. I don’t want to change a lot of the ways he’s been coached. I think he’s done a great job this year. Has there been a game or two he wants back? Absolutely. That’s usually the case for most players. He’s done some great things for our football team and made some great plays in clutch situations. The last thing I want to do is scratch the hard drive and try to change a lot of things that he’s really had ingrained over the past two years. We’ll talk about where we want to go and how we want to grow with the position in the spring. For the meantime, I’ve been trying to keep him in the same concepts we’ve been doing offensively in the throw game and in the run game.”

There is one change Major could make this weekend. One thing Longhorn fans have been calling for, and very well may see from Applewhite in San Antonio on Saturday, is more touches for playmakers D.J.Monroe and Daje Johnson. Major has always been vocal in his support of these two explosive players, who for whatever reason haven’t received many carries this season despite their ability to make plays. Therefore, don’t be at all surprised if he finds more ways to get them the ball more in the Alamo Bowl.

While fans are eager to see what Major Applewhite will do offensively, it looks like they will need to wait until the spring and next fall to see the changes he makes on the offensive side of the ball, which make sense. It’s a wise decision for Major not to make too many changes heading into the bowl game. Over all, though it has sputtered at times, this Texas offense has been strong this year. No need to switch things up heading into the season’s final game.

Regardless, with Applewhite now at the helm of the offense and calling the plays, it certainly brings a new excitement to this team as they head into the spring and prepare for next season.

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