Former Louisville Football Player Patrick Grant Suing University And Charlie Strong

By Riley Schmitt
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Grant is a former Louisville Cardinals football player who is now currently suing the university and head coach Charlie Strong. Grant was attacked by two former teammates, which resulted in injuries that forced the end of his career.

But Grant claims the alleged assault itself wasn’t the only wrong he suffered. According to the lawsuit, Grant was asked to cover up the circumstances of his injuries immediately after they took place.

“On the way to the hospital, the team’s trainer told Patrick to lie and cover up the fact that his injuries were at the hands of his teammates,” the lawsuit indicates. “Out of fear and desire to play, Patrick lied as instructed, telling the doctor that he was horsing around in the locker room and hit his eye on a locker door.”

Grant also claims that Strong said he would remain on scholarship but this decision was eventually reversed.  Strong pulled his scholly and then refused to talk about it.  All of this equals a bad situation for the school going forward.

You are going to hear about this a lot in the future.  This seems to have pretty good legs to stand on and it appears the school tried to help this thing go away.  Good for Grant to try to get someone held accountable for the act that happened to him.  It may lead to an ugly situation but those sometimes end with the best results.

We will keep an eye on this as it develops.  Schools and coaches must be held accountable in situations like this.

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