Navy Fans Paint Arizona State's A Mountain Blue on Eve of Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Game

By David LaRose
Evan Habeeb- USA TODAY Sports

There’s not a much better time of the year than the college bowl season. It brings out the best parts of the sport including its passionate fan bases. Supporters of each bowl team are re-energized and travel all over the country to support their favorite team in their respective bowl game.

That brings me to this year’s Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, a matchup between Arizona State and Navy. Although the game is being played in San Francisco, Navy fans have found a way to hit Arizona State where it hurts, close to home.

Sitting above Arizona’s State’s Sun Devil stadium is A Mountain. The mountain is emblazoned with a yellow “A” among the rocks and it is a source of pride amongst the ASU students and alumni. On the eve of their bowl game against the Midshipmen the “A” looks a little different than it usually does.

This is what it normally looks like:


And this is now what it looks like on the eve of the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl game thanks to some overzealous Navy fans:


They must not have thought there were many Navy fans in the area because their beloved yellow “A” is now navy blue and reads “Go Navy”. This is the first time the two teams have ever played each other so it’s easy to think there is no animosity between the two schools. However, since the game is being played in San Francisco, over 750 miles from Sun Devil Stadium, it was a concerted effort to hit ASU close to home.

It’s often tradition for the opposing team to try and tag the “A” their particular team color as a way of talking trash. This isn’t the first time that their beloved mural has been vandalized. Earlier this year Oregon fans painted the rock formation green to let their presence be known and it’s a yearly tradition for students and alumni to stand guard over the “A” during the week leading up to the Arizona-Arizona State rivalry game.

The stuff off the field is all in good fun but we’ll see what happens when the two teams actually take the field Saturday afternoon.

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