Nick Florence Breaks Robert Griffin III's School Single Season Passing Record

By Scott DelleFave
Florence, Nick 1
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight in the Bridgeport Education Holiday Bowl, the Baylor University Bears quarterback Nick Florence has surpassed Robert Griffin III as the team’s single season record holder for passing yards with 4,309. It is certainly impressive since they are a far more of a run heavy team than pass. Also in this game, the Bears trounced the UCLA Bruins 49-19 as head coach Jim Mora Jr. has gone for it on nearly every single fourth down opportunity in the second half.

In this bowl game alone Florence has only passed the ball 13 times, then again he really hasn’t had to pass much tonight, but he has passed as much as 51 times this year. I wonder what his numbers would have been like if he passed for 30 or even 40 times tonight. Granted he’s only played mostly in clean up duty in past seasons due to Robert Griffin III becoming a household name, as a result he has amassed most of his career stats this season. The only time besides this year that Florence saw games was when he had to play when Griffin was recovering from a season ending knee injury.

While I know this isn’t anywhere close to the NCAA records, but it is pretty notable that Griffin’s single season team record only lasted a single season, which is good because it’ll make future recruits show that all things are possible and that records are made to be broken.

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