TCU Horned Frogs Call Michigan State Spartans Slow

By Amanda Staver
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, the bowl formerly known as the Insight Bowl features the TCU Horned Frogs and the Michigan State Spartans. When Horned Frogs players were asked what Big 12 team they think the Spartans resembled, they didn’t know who to compare them to. Instead, they just said they were slow.

Yes, slow. Brandon Carter, a TCU wide receiver said about the Big 10 on Thursday, and take note of what he called his opponent:

The Big Ten is a little bigger than the Big 12, but the Big 12 has more speed, so that’s what we have to use to our advantage. It’s going to be a real good game. We’re going to bring it, Michigan is going to bring it. It boils down to the fourth quarter, we can’t underestimate them.

That’s right, he called them Michigan. And Carter wasn’t the only player that couldn’t come up with a team that Michigan State resembled in the Big 12. Safety Elisha Olabode said there wasn’t a comparable Big 12 team but was more complementing to Sparty than Carter was. A little. He did compare them to an ACC team, so I don’t know how some might take that.

I don’t want to compare the skill level to Virginia, but like, pro-set offense, scheme-wise. Big 12, we mostly played spread offenses, so we don’t see a Pro-Set offense often.

Someone mentioned to him that Michigan State is comparable to the Kansas State Wildcats and Olobode shot that down quickly. The main points made by any of the TCU players asked was that the Big 12 was a lot faster and the Big 10 is slow. They all mentioned that the players were bigger, but that was it.

Not sure calling your opponent slow in a press conference before a bowl game is the best idea, especially when one player called them Michigan instead of Michigan State.

Sparty linebacker Denicos Allen was asked about the slow comments and he said it’s a misconception. He was more upset about being called Michigan than being called slow: “They called us Michigan? Aw man, that’s the biggest mistake, they don’t understand.”

The comments could make for an interesting bowl game. The Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl is scheduled for Saturday, December 29th with a 10:15 EST kickoff.


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