Two Texas Longhorns Players Accused of Alleged Sexual Assault

By Kris Hughes

Update: The two accused Texas players have been suspended for the Alamo Bowl and sent home to Austin for a violation of team rules, notwithstanding the pending assault allegations.

While the details are still murky, and the names of the two players accused have not been formally released to the public, nor have any charges been filed, word is traveling that two Texas Longhorns football players are being accused of an alleged sexual assault by a San Antonio, Texas woman.

Police were called to a Holiday Inn in the popular downtown Riverwalk district of San Antonio– nearby where the Longhorns happen to be staying prior to their Alamo Bowl tilt with the Oregon State Beavers on Saturday evening– in the middle of the night and spoke with a woman who alleged she met two Texas players earlier in the evening, later inviting them back to her hotel room at which time the assault took place.

Texas coaches were notified of the incident directly and according to reports the two players in question are having additional talks with San Antonio police personnel this morning.

Regardless of the outcome of this situation– in which the woman’s health and well-being is most-important should her allegations turn out to be true– it’s a highly unwelcome distraction for a football team that is looking to finish out a frustrating season on a high note, with the future of many of those involved with the program hanging in the balance.

Given Texas’ propensity to handle similar situations with swift punishment in the past, as details become available we’ll certainly know what impact this incident will have on tomorrow evening’s game, but more importantly, on the lives of each of the parties involved.

It’s all too easy to forget that we’re talking about 19-23 year old males in a situation that all too often lends itself to stupid decision making which can change the reality of all involved in a heartbeat.

Although details are scarce to this point, we’ll be watching this transpire throughout the day and will update our readers accordingly.

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