UCLA Loses Bowl Game, Possibly Jim Mora to the San Diego Chargers

By Patrick Schmidt
Andrew B. Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA lost the Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl and now the Bruins may face a bigger lose if they lose their head coach to the NFL.

Jim Mora enjoyed quite a bit of success in his first season as head coach of UCLA finishing with a 9-5 record, and could be on the radar of the San Diego Chargers who are expected to part ways with Norv Turner once the season ends this Sunday.

Mora built his reputation as a coach in the professional ranks with head coaching jobs with the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks compiling a 32-34 record spanning four seasons.

His first year in Atlanta was his best when the falcons went 11-5 and advanced to the NFC Championship Game, but failed to make the playoffs in the next two seasons and was fired after his third season. After serving as an assistant coach to Mike Holmgren for two seasons, Mora was named the head coach of the Seahawks, but only lasted one year after a 5-11 record.

Mora has seen a decline in his win total from a career high 11 as a rookie head coach to eight, then seven and five in his last year as a head coach in the NFL, so perhaps he should stick around UCLA longer.

I think Mora has the perfect personality for the college game and his while he may have an itch to get back to the NFL, the best thing for his career is to stay at UCLA and continue to rebuild the program. And besides after the thrashing his team took in the bowl game and how badly he was out-coached by Art Briles in the game, San Diego may have a hard time selling that hire to the fan base.

San Diego is going to have a new head coach to the delight of many Chargers fans, but it’s likely not going to be Mora–to the delight of many Bruins fans–despite Thursday’s defeat.

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