Chick-fil-A Bowl Sees Two Top 15 Tiger Teams

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

The final game of the 2012 calendar year for college football brings the Chick-fil-A Bowl between the 10-2 Clemson Tigers and the 10-2 LSU Tigers at 7:30 p.m. Eastern in Atlanta. This is a classic offense versus defense matchup with a top-10 offense in Clemson and a top-12 defense with LSU. The key is which side gives the most.

Clemson must continue their scoring process from the regular season with 507 points already this year and over 6,000 yards of offense. If Clemson can continue doing those sorts of things, they will be tough to beat. LSU is only giving up 17 points a game this year and has allowed 22 points just one time the whole season.  LSU has to make sure they finish with the time of possession advantage to keep the Clemson offense off the field. It is the kind of game where the first team to 24 points wins the game.

I do think LSU will be able to slow down the Clemson offense and slow it down enough where LSU finds a way to win the game. I’ll take LSU to win a tight 24-20 game as the clock nears midnight on the calendar year. It is also the first time that two top-15 games play each other in this bowl season which is enough for me to watch. There is no doubt that Clemson could easily rack up over 40 points in this game but usually defense can control a powerful offense. This looks like one of those times and with it will come a LSU win.

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