Danny Hope Interviews For Florida International Head Coaching Job

By Riley Schmitt
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Let me start this off by saying I think Danny Hope is a wonderful guy. I have heard nothing but positive stories about him but I just don’t think he’s a head football coach. Purdue fired him this off-season but it appears that Florida International is interested in his services.

Strangely enough, I can see how this makes some sort of sense.  Hope does have a good Florida pipeline and recruiting really should not be an issue for him there.  However, recruits do not make a program.  You can have all five star recruits, but if they are not coached well, it does not matter.  Hope struggles in the coaching aspect like you would not believe.

Purdue should have been a much better team this year.  However, coaching did them in almost every game.  They would come out unprepared and they looked disinterested in doing their assignments.  The players loved Hope, but he could not get them ready and focused.

Plus, he has this odd fascination with playing more than one quarterback.  That really does not work because neither guy can get into a rhythm.  If Purdue would have stuck with one QB this year, they may have had a better season than they ended up with.

This is interesting to follow and I am sure there will be more news about it soon.  Hope could work out for them, but I simply do not see it.

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