Le'Veon Bell's All-Around Skills Power Michigan State To Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Victory

By Riley Schmitt
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

If you underestimated the impact that Le’Veon Bell has on the Michigan State Spartans, you were proven wrong during the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. Bell did it all for his team as they powered past TCU in a bowl game that we would all be better off forgetting.

To watch this game, you had to be a football junkie.  Either that or you absolutely had nothing better to do on a Saturday night.  The game was that hard to watch.  If football could put you to sleep, this game would be the one to do it.  The offense was lacking except for Mr. Bell.

Let us put this in perspective for those who did not watch the game.  Bell ended up being the most productive passer for the team.  He didn’t have the most yards, but he made the most of his chances.  Let me remind you that Bell plays running back.  MSU had their most productive passing play come from a trick play.  The other QBs that MSU ran out there were awful until the final drive of the game. If that doesn’t tell you about the state of offense in this game, nothing will.

In fact, the pass play from Bell seemed to give a spark to the team.  It led to their first touchdown drive and everyone played with more spark the rest of the way.  If Bell misses that throw, things probably end up a lot differently for the team.

If it wasn’t for Bell, MSU would have not been in the game.  Throughout the season, the team depended on him to give the team any semblance of offense.  Bell did that in this game, but it wasn’t easy sledding.  He worked for everything that he got on Saturday night and it was a performance that should make NFL scouts drool.  He had huge plays on every scoring drive the team had.  That’s the mark of a star.

It may not have been the prettiest game to watch, but you simply had to watch Bell to believe it.  Things may not have been typical, but Bell wouldn’t have it any other way.

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