Will Bud Foster Ever Get A Chance To Lead A Program?

By Rick Stavig
James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Why isn’t Bud Foster a head coach?

Seriously, I’m all ears here, people.


It truly boggles my mind that arguably the best defensive coordinator in the college game from the last 17 years still hasn’t gotten a chance to lead a program.

The 53 year old leader of the Virginia Tech Hokies perennially outstanding defense has held his current post since 1995.  Since he took over leading the Hokie ‘D’, he’s experienced unbelievable results.

He’s coached 19 All-Americans (just on defense).  Think about that- just on one side of the ball he’s averaged more than an All-American a year, and that’s not counting guys that were named AA multiple times.  There’s many schools out there that haven’t had 19 all-americans in their entire programs history.

Going into this season, there’s only been four seasons since 1999 that his defense hasn’t been ranked in the top 12- of the nation.  His best stretch?  From 2004 until 2008, his defenses were ranked 4th, 1st, 1st and 4th, nationally.

Sure, Foster could have taken his talents to lead defenses outside of Blacksburg, Virginia.  In the past couple of years, Foster has turned down defensive coordinator positions from schools like South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Florida State.  But he’s turned them down.  He’s loyal to Tech as well as Frank Beamer, who coached him at Murray State and gave him his first coaching gig- Beamer is the only coach he’s ever worked for.

But when will Foster finally get his much-deserved chance to lead a program for himself?

Every year it seems he’s being rumored for jobs, and every year he gets passed over.  The closest he got to getting the top job was at West Virginia in 2007 and Clemson in 2008.

Here’s my final push…

What’s truly the most important aspect of football? Defense (Go ahead and ask Nick Saban if you don’t believe me).  Foster is a defensive mastermind who has been rock solid for 17 years now.  He’s shown he’s loyal and won’t cut and run on a program for a higher-paid position.  He’s learned how to manage a program under the direct tutelage of Beamer, who is the current winningest active coach in the game.  And he’s still relatively young at 53.

Think he’s less qualified than Steve Addazio (Boston College)?  How about Mark Stoops (Kentucky)?  Todd Monken (Southern Miss)?  Matt Rhule (Temple)?  Ron Caragher (San Jose State)?

Most readers probably don’t recognize a single name I just listed, but those gentlemen were chosen to fill head coaching vacancies in the last few weeks.  You’re telling me they’re more qualified than Foster?

Of course they’re not.

So why not Foster?

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