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NCAA Football

Clemson Tigers Prove They Belong, Dump LSU Tigers in Chick-fil-A Bowl

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After 10 seasons and all of 2012 it is clear what the difference is between ACC Football and the SEC.

It’s a lot more than the 300,211 National Championships

But it is as simple as one play, 57 yards and 17 seconds…

That seems to be the calling card of all ACC vs. SEC football games. A mistake here, a missed tackle there, one big play and a couple of favorable calls later and boom… another SEC victory.

It even feels like angels help an SEC team keep their footing while you can literally see the demons jump up and trip up the ACC teams.

It really is nauseating for ACC fans…

And the 2012 Chick-fil-A Bowl between the 8th-ranked LSU Tigers and the 14th-ranked Clemson Tigers was the same old script for about 45 minutes.

But there was hope and this New Year’s Eve Night was looking to have a different ending…

Clemson matched the speed and talent of LSU on both sides of the ball.

It had to finally have a different outcome right?

But then there was that blocked extra-point that would have tied the game at 14-14 followed by a typical SEC dominate third quarter highlighted by that one play, 57 yard, 17 second touchdown right out of the half.

Again, though, something was different…

You could feel it with every lucky bounce the ACC was getting and the SEC wasn’t…

And with 7:08 Clemson had the ball and a chance to exorcise its SEC demons…

All of a sudden it was LSU making the mistakes and looking a step slow on defense…

Could it finally be…



This sports writer said all season long Clemson could play with anyone in the country and gave LSU and the SEC every single stinking thing they could handle.

Especially when it counted in the fourth quarter with the game on the line…

Chandler Cantanzaro is a legend on campus right now…

Tajh Boyd literally did it all with 375 total yards of total offense and D’Andre Hopkins set a Bowl record with 194 yards receiving.

Dabo Swinney lost it as well, picked up the sideline reporter and killed it when he said his team “nailed it on every single play…”

“To see these seniors finish they way they did and to see our team not quit… this is a national championship team. We grew up tonight. I’ve been telling them we were at the doorway of greatness and sooner or later you have to step through it and take action. Tonight they just hung in there and they grew up. Fourth and 16 and my freaking quarterback mans up and makes plays… Go Tigers baby!”

C – L – E – M – S -OOOOOOOO – N …..

Take that SEC!

M Shannon Smallwood is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the US Basketball Writers Association.

Follow him @woodysmalls.

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