Nebraska Cornhuskers Looking for Answers After Historic Capital One Bowl Loss

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Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

For a while, it appeared that the Nebraska Cornhuskers may knock off the Georgia Bulldogs.

Then running back Ameer Abdullah coughed up a fumble promptly recovered by Georgia. The game swung in the SEC runner-up’s direction and the Huskers never found themselves with the momentum again.

While many tuning in across the country likely expected a blowout from the start, they were treated to an amazing first half that saw Nebraska leading 24-23 as the Huskers trotted into the locker room.

The game then turned into what Cornhusker fans feared. Not only did the Big Red end up losing, its No. 1 ranked pass defense (a title  earned via technicality) was torched for 427 yards and five touchdowns by Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray.

Another big game, another record-breaking performance by the Nebraska defense, and not the kind you want to put in bold font come next year’s media guide.

This was a game that the Huskers wanted badly, and in Bo Pelini‘s case, maybe needed.

Tom Osborne has officially stepped down as athletic director and Shawn Eichorst now runs the show.

Five years into the Pelini era, it’s the same song, different verse.

With Nebraska falling short come season’s end again, talk of looking for a new head man will likely grow louder in the coming weeks. While some fans may find that horrifically premature, if not out-and-out stupid, let’s not forget that Pelini was hired as a supposed defensive guru.

His Blackshirts almost gave up over 600 yards for the second straight game. The Huskers’ second game this season against the UCLA Bruins also produced a 600-plus yard surrender.

Is Pelini truly the right man for the job? Does he deserve more time? Nebraska’s legendary figure doesn’t make those calls anymore. Eichorst may already have a huge decision to make not even 24 hours into his new role.

Brandon Cavanaugh is a college football columnist for Rant Sports and a member of the Football Writers Association of America. Follow him on Twitter: @eightlaces